Leading device security platform, recently sold to Insight venture partners
for $1.1 billion

“With simple integration and zero effort, we were able to cut down our EC2 costs by 53%”

Barak Ben-Rachel
Head of Tech-Ops


AI and cognitive behavioral analytics leader, analyzing billions of data points to gain real-time insights

“Zesty really blew up the myth regarding RI management, they are revolutionizing the way people optimize their infrastructure”

Liran Ben Abu
Head of DevOps


IT resilience platform, provides disaster recovery and backup to virtual
and cloud environments.
Raised $203 million.

“The impact of Zesty on our AWS bill was immediate”

Nadav Svirsky
Corporate IT Team Lead


AI-driven Logistics automation platform, optimizing last-mile deliveries

״After realizing Zesty’s unique success-based business model, accompanied by a buy-back guarantee, it was a no-brainer for us״

Yoav Sadeh
CTO and Co-Founder


Next-generation Breach and Attack simulation

״I no longer need to worry about managing EBS volumes, that’s Zesty’s job now״

Artiom Levinton
Head of DevOps

Users love Zesty

Tal Fishler

DevOps Chief at

Zesty exceeded our expectations, and we’re saving beyond what we thought was possible

Roy Amitay

Head of DevOps at Armis

Zesty was the solution we were looking for, simple, no-touch, and super efficient

Nadav Svirsky

Corporate IT Team Lead at Zerto

The dashboard is clean and intuitive, we’re saving money in Real-Time

Liran Ben Abu

Head of DevOps at Voyager Labs

Zesty’s commitment manager is revolutionary in the cloud optimization niche

Barak Ben-Rachel

Head of TechOps at Armis

Painless and automatic cost savings in the billing areas we needed

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