Minimize cloud waste
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Only what you need.
Exactly when you need it.

An automated cloud cost optimization solution that efficiently allocates resources to application demand. With offerings for compute, database, storage, and containers, Zesty helps organizations be more adaptable to changing business needs by making their cloud infrastructure more dynamic.

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Maximize Cloud Savings 

Double Down

Implement Zesty on top of your existing FinOps practices to leverage greater cost savings without any additional effort.

Financial Freedom

For cloud compute, leverage the significant discounts of 3-year Standard Reserved Instances, without any requirement to commit in advance.

Thrifty & Nifty

For storage, only pay for the storage capacity that you need and use. For database, effortlessly extend your coverage with Reserved Instances.

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Minimize Effort

Relieve your engineering team from periodically reviewing and adjusting cloud resources by using automation to monitor and continuously adjust them.

Take out Hassle

No longer forecast and predict usage requirements as each allocation is automatically adjusted.

Keep Focus

Establish an automated baseline of consistent savings and allow your engineering and FinOps teams to focus on more strategic tasks.

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No more wake-up calls

Avoid the risk of application freeze or downtime when there is an unexpected spike in activity.

Provision to perfection

Have exactly the right amount of resources needed to keep your application running, no matter where and how it’s used.

Guaranteed availability

During times of scarcity, insure a constant supply of EC2 Instances, by reserving Instances that can’t be withdrawn.

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Don’t Stress - Just Guess

Launching a new service and don’t know how many resources or compute instances to allocate? No problem, go with a wild guess and Zesty will auto scale resources up or down to fit exactly what you need.

Get Lean & Mean

Stop paying for unused resources that you’ve purchased “just in case”. Instead, keep a lean and agile operation where you’re only charged for your actual usage, so you dramatically reduce cloud waste.

Freedom to Move

Have the flexibility to migrate workloads across environments and avoid vendor lock-in or wasted spend.

Why Zesty?

Because in a world that constantly changes, you finally have the infrastructure designed to change right along with it.

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Dramatically reduce EC2 and RDS cost by automatically managing AWS discount commitments according to changing infrastructure needs. Zesty’s cloud cost optimization platform helps you effortlessly achieve deeper discounts, without the financial risk of long-term commitments.
Zesty Disk


Optimize performance, ensure stability, and save up to 70% on cloud storage costs by automatically shrinking and expanding block storage volumes according to real-time application needs.

Be in good company

We’ve helped our customers take the hassle out of optimizing cloud savings.

Don’t take our word for it

When it comes to saving time and money it doesn’t matter if you are a DevOps engineer or a CTO, we’re here to change the game. 


“With Zesty, Armis is able to save 53% on our EC2, which is amazing. What I love best is the fact that it’s a no-touch solution”

Roi Amitay Head of DevOps at Armis


“Zesty saves us over a million dollars per year, and it took almost zero work to set up. We get all the cost savings of Reserved Instances with none of the lock-in or upfront payment.”

Dan Robinson, CTO at Heap


“Zesty’s Commitment Manager tool allows us to be more aggressive in our RI coverage, without the fear of overcommitting and spending money on resources that don’t get used. We’ve successfully increased our coverage without needing to constantly monitor and adjust our discount programs”

Michael Gezin, Director of Finance at Firebolt

“Zesty is a full-suite solution that covers everything related to cost optimization of EC2 AWS infrastructure with a user-friendly dashboard and a great customer-oriented service”
Yoav Sadeh Co-Founder at Package.AI

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