XM-Cyber chooses Zesty to automatically right-size their EBS volumes, resulting in significant cost reduction, hands-free

Key Challenges

XM-Cyber’s main challenge was automatically right-sizing their EBS volumes in order to prevent EBS failure

Key Results

XM-Cyber no longer needs to monitor their EBS volumes, Zesty automatically expands their disk once it reaches a certain threshold, enabling them to pay for the storage they actually use.

The Challenge:
Manual EBS expansion

XM-Cyber’s journey with AWS started a few years ago, and today their environments consist of hundreds of EC2 instances for DEV and Production.
In order to support its continuous growth, XM-Cyber required an elastic infrastructure that can easily scale according to customer\POC onboarding.
As their infrastructure grew larger, so did their AWS bill, and it didn’t take long for XM-Cyber’s DevOps team to initiate some cost optimization strategies in order to reduce their AWS bill.
2 years ago, XM-Cyber implemented Zesty’s commitment manager in their environment in order to manage their RI fleet automatically.
Even though they managed to reduce their EC2 costs by more than 35%, XM-Cyber was also challenged with automatically right-sizing their EBS volumes.
EBS volumes are one of the biggest contributors to cloud waste, due to the fact that in order to prevent EBS failure (a status in which the EBS is out of storage space), engineering teams usually overprovision by at least 80% of their actual usage, as a necessary precaution. 

We were looking for a solution that would continuously monitor and optimize our EBS volumes

Artiom Levinton, Head of DevOps

Zesty’s Solution:
Automated EBS right-sizing

Zesty’s EBS auto-scaler continuously analyzes utilization trends across all EBS volumes and automatically right-sizes storage volumes according to real-time usage.
This practically means that once an EBS volume reaches a certain threshold of disk utilization, Zesty will automatically expand or shrink the disk by a predefined amount of GB, in order to prevent EBS failure and reduce costs.
This solution allows engineers to initially provision storage volumes according to actual usage, and not overprovision as a precautionary measure, which is 80%-90% more storage than needed, resulting in higher EBS costs.
With Zesty’s EBS auto-scaler, XM-Cyber’s DevOps engineers are provisioning their EBS volumes with the minimum amount of storage needed to run their workloads.

I no longer need to worry about managing EBS volumes, that’s Zesty’s job now

Roi Amitay, Head of DevOps

The Result:
‘Hands-free’ EBS optimization

Since XM-Cyber onboarded Zesty’s EBS auto-scaler, they benefited from:

  • 60% less spend on EBS
  • Full visibility into EBS volumes 
  • 0 EBS failures 
  • Real-time EBS monitoring system 

The onboarding and value was immediate, and the professional support we received from the team was beyond words

Artiom Levinton, Head of DevOps