Cloud services for MSPs

Access cloud services that will grow your profit margins while consolidating customer confidence and trust.

Improving the profitability of your MSP is becoming an increasingly uphill battle, with heightened competition causing greater risk of churn and declining profit margins due to the adoption of Savings Plans, RIs, and EDPs. This is where Zesty can become a crucial component to your business strategy.

Zesty provides a cloud optimization solution that intelligently scales cloud resources to application demands, with the benefit of reducing manual engineering work, improving application efficacy, and dramatically reducing costs.

Improve customer confidence and CLV (customer lifetime value) in your ability to reduce cloud costs, directly supporting their business growth. Furthermore, the reduced Capex for delivering cloud services, powerfully drives your profit margins.

Improve Your Profit Margins

Use automated actions to scale your customer’s cloud infrastructure so they’re only paying for what they’re using.

Cost Visibility

Get visibility into the cloud at the account level or as granular as every instance.

Trusted by 1000's of Cloud Engineers Worldwide

Commitment Manager

EC2 cost optimization tool that automatically buys and sells AWS Reserved Instances to achieve up to 50% of On-demand costs.

Reduce EC2 Costs by up to 50%

Dynamically buy and sell RIs to match real-time application needs & have your workload covered by AWS’s most discounted commitments.

No More Managing Discount Programs

Automatically adjust commitments & relieve DevOps from manually reviewing and changing discount programs.

End RI Forecasting and Predictions

The instantaneous and responsive scalability means organizations can dynamically respond to changing needs.

Eliminate Risk

Avoid the financial risk of one-year or three-year commitments and further offset risk with our buy-back guarantee for any over-provisioned RIs.
“The AllCloud partnership with Zesty has been instrumental from Day 1. Our FinOps services are designed to help customers maximize the value they receive from their AWS cloud infrastructure. Partnering with Zesty, allows AllCloud to offer a flexible and automated tool for accessing discounted compute resources, enabling our team to focus less on adjusting and managing our customers’ Reserved Instances commitments and more on providing greater value”
Yosi Frenkel
Founder & EVP Business Development
Zesty Disk
Zesty Disk

Zesty Disk

Automated scaling of AWS and Azure block storage to enable dynamic allocations and reduced cost.

Automatic Provisioning of Volumes

Shrink and expand block volumes in line with dynamic and fluctuating application needs, without any human input.

Boost IOPS Performance by 300%

The storage optimizer improves IOPS and throughput performance by as much as 300%, providing direct value to the user experience.

Dramatically Reduce Block Storage Costs

Save up to 70% on block storage costs by eliminating the need to provision excess capacity & have the ability to shrink volumes.

Prevent Filesystem Failure

No more “out of disk” failures when data ingestion exceeds the available volume capacity.



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How to build a cloud center of excellence within your organization; the goals, practical steps, and getting teammates to take responsibility.

Provide More Value to Your Customers

Position your business as a leading service provider by offering greater efficiency into managing cloud costs. And establish trust by providing clear visibility into usage and savings.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Gain a competitive edge with a better cost offering that will allow you to close more deals and attract new customers.

Improve Your Operational Process

Implement automated cost savings and substantially reduce manual workloads. Making it possible for your cloud infra teams to manage more accounts - more efficiently.