Zesty for AWS users

Zesty enables AWS customers to optimize their usage of cloud resources, improve DevOps productivity, and reduce costs.

It’s time to put your AWS savings into superdrive!

A trusted AWS partner, with awarded product competencies, work with Zesty to intelligently scale your cloud resources to fit real-time application needs.

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Dynamically allocate
cloud resources to usage
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Cut the cost of block
storage by only paying for
the capacity that you
need and use
DevOps or engineering
hours needed for
onboarding or integration
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Reduction to total AWS
EC2 spend by minimizing
instances running On-


EC2 cost optimization tool that automatically increases and decreases AWS Discount Plans to achieve optimal cost savings.



Pay exactly for the storage you need – when you need it

Use Cases

Use Commitment Manager for:
Almost all EC2 Instance types and regions, including Graviton

For servers supporting Kubernetes, ECS, and EKS

Get visibility into costs and saving opportunities for EC2 and RDS 

Use Zesty Disk for:

All EBS SSD backed volumes
(gp2, gp3, io1, & io2)

Volatile applications where there are steep peaks and troughs in data ingestion 

Workloads with a high level of data ingestion such as Machine learning pipelines, ETLs, & databases

Trusted by 1000's of Cloud Engineers Worldwide

Fulfill the Promise of the Cloud

Quick and Easy Installation

We’ll collaborate with your TAM to ensure a smooth onboarding process, that requires no code changes or agent installation.

Highly Secure Connectivity

Access to AWS Cost-Explorer is only through IAM role authentication for which external ID needs to provide two-factor authentication. The solution has SOC2 compliance.

Success Based Pricing Model

For Commitment Manager only pay a percentage of savings. For Zesty Disk only pay per managed GB, month to month. No commitment. No setup fee.