Automated Reserved Instance Management

Save up to 50% off On-Demand costs, minus the long-term commitment and the effort.



Get more Savings with greater Reserved Instance
coverage but without the commitment.


Maximum Savings

Automate the efficient allocation of RIs. Our strategy enables greater savings from across more of your workloads and deeper savings for your stable workloads.

Minimal Effort

Automatically adjust commitments & relieve DevOps from manually reviewing and changing discount programs.


Minimal Risk

Avoid the financial risk of purchasing one or three-year commitments and further offset risk with our buy-back guarantee for Standard RIs.

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Collects metadata and usage metrics from the CUR for analysis by the ML prediction model.

Automated Optimization
Based on ML

ML model informs when RI allocations need to be added or removed.

Cost Savings

Responsive to your application’s needs, RIs are automatically scaled up and down to achieve optimal savings.

Take a Glimpse
“Under the Hood”

Take a Glimpse
“Under the Hood”

It all comes down
to security

Zero Instalation Effort

No code changes. No agent. A seamless and non-intrusive process that doesn’t require any agent integration with instances, but just set permissions to access AWS Cost Explorer. 

IAM Role

Access to AWS Cost-Explorer is only through IAM role authentication for which external ID needs to provide two-factor authentication.

No Data Exposure

Commitment Manager doesn’t read any data on the instance it only collects and reads usage metrics which is sent uni-directionally to the AI model.

How Commitment Manager is used

Maximize AWS Savings

More savings at no effort

Already using Reserved Instances or Savings Plans on your EC2 workloads? No problem! Zesty can cover the workloads that you struggle to cover on your own with AWS’s most lucrative discount program. By using a combination of Standard and Convertible Reserved Instances, you get an even deeper discount across even more of your workloads!

Minimize Financial Risk

Freedom from commitment

Many companies miss out on AWS cost savings available through discount commitments due to fear of vendor lock-in and the financial risk of being unable to adjust cloud infrastructure for up to one or three years. Commitment Manager eliminates vendor lock-in by removing the long-term commitment period and instead enables the flexible allocation of RIs across workloads.

Reduce Manual Effort

Cloud Engineers are not accountants!

Relieve Cloud Engineers from monitoring, calculating, forecasting, and adjusting Amazon Web Services discount commitments by having your Reserved Instances automatically adjusted in line with your application needs. Commitment Manager uses a Machine Learning algorithm to enable automatic adjustments that scale Reserved Instances alongside changing demand, providing greater coverage with zero effort.

Easy Migration

Get about without a doubt

The instantaneous and responsive scalability offered by Commitment Manager enables organizations to migrate workloads when they make changes to their cloud infrastructure. Without concern for vendor lock-in and restraints by long-term commitments, users can immediately benefit from Reserved Instance discounts as their workloads are moved or adjusted across environments.

Pay exactly for what you need - when you need it

Available in AWS

Purchase directly through Zesty or via the AWS marketplace and see the refund in your monthly billing.

Success Based
Pricing Model

Only pay 25% of the amount you save, month to month. No commitment. No setup fee.


We assume all financial risk on your behalf. Get reimbursed for any over-provisioned Standard RIs.

It’s cloud savings on auto-pilot, it’s completely hands free, and it saves us a huge amount of time

Yair Leshem
DevOps Engineer at Yotpo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commitment Manager does not require an agent nor does it touch your AWS EC2 instances. Zesty requires an IAM role to be set up and linked to the Zesty dashboard as well as registration to the RI Marketplace. With these limited permissions our AI algorithms are able to analyze AWS usage data and send commands for buying and selling  Reserved Instances.

Yes, Zesty can further reduce AWS costs if you’re already using discount offerings. It can be used to reduce the number of instances running On-Demand, cover the remaining delta of instances that are not on discounts, save on expiring commitments, and more. See your savings potential in minutes with a POC onboarding. 

Our mission is to help you make your AWS infrastructure more cost effective without any long-term commitment. Therefore, you do not need to commit upfront to a specific period of time when signing a contract with us. However, we do require 30 days written notice in order to cancel our service.

The full Zesty solution offers a number of insights and tools for AWS cost optimization.

  • S3 Explorer: Provides visibility into all S3 buckets and their associated costs.
  • EC2 Scheduler: Set a turn on/off cycle for instances to schedule their operation.
  • Unused Instances: Identifies monthly waste associated with detached EBS volumes, ELBs and EIPs.

We cover Kubernetes and containerized workloads in addition to Amazon EC2. Since AWS gives better discounts for Linux, you’ll get the best value if 50%+ of your workloads are Linux. Some limitations exist on the types of instances and regions that can be covered, this is due to their relative low availability and liquidity within Amazon Web Services. 

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