FinOps Automation

Scales cloud resources to meet usage demand with automated cost-optimization solutions, that don’t require engineers to take action.

For many companies, cloud costs are the heftiest line item on the corporate budget. Yet getting engineers to take action on cost optimization is no easy feat. With good justification, they are focused on building apps that are performant and available. But the casualty is the budget.

Zesty’s FinOps solutions are focused on reducing the cost of developing and running your applications while minimizing the workload of your engineering teams. This enables your businesses to only pay for what you need, for as long as you need it.

Improve Your Profit Margins

Use automated actions to scale your cloud resources so you’re only paying for what you are using.

Hands-free Solution

Implement automated real-time actions that don’t require your engineers to take any action, yet amplify savings.

Eradicate Risk

Handover the risk associated with provisioning cloud resources


Commitment Manager

Automatically adapt AWS Reserved Instances (RI) according to real-time infrastructure needs. Commitment Manager offers the full flexibility of On-demand with the discounted pricing structure of RIs.

Get freedom from
managing discount plans

Eliminate RI forecasting
and predictions

Access the deepest AWS discount commitments without risk

View how your compute instances are being used, generating cost and achieving savings

“At the end of the day Zesty was the most cost beneficial, even better than Savings Plans. If that wasn’t the case we wouldn’t have moved over to Zesty. Yes, it reduces the workload as well, but it’s the cost reduction that makes it worth it, The fact that i don’t have to do anything – makes it even better.”
Nadav Izraely
Senior Director Platform Delivery at Kaltura
Zesty Disk
Zesty Disk

Zesty Disk

Automated scaling of block storage to enable dynamic provisioning, support ongoing application performance, and reduced cost.

Dramatically reduce
block storage costs
by up to 70%

Prevent filesystem failure

Simplify the provisioning and maintaining of block storage

Get visibility into block storage usage and cost



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This checklist offers an array of technical recommendations so you can reduce costs associated with your cloud infrastructure.


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