Package.AI Optimizes AWS Infrastructure with Zesty’s Automated Reserved Instance Management

Key Challenges

Frequent capacity changes made it impossible for to forecast commitments, resulting in high compute costs by running On-Demand

Key Results achieved a 95% increase in RI coverage, reducing EC2 costs by 42%.

The Challenge:
High EC2 costs

With a rapidly growing customer base and accelerated product development, Package.AI turned to AWS for an elastic cloud compute infrastructure that enables quick and easy scaling to meet the continuous rise in demand. 

As a startup with a cost-efficient mindset, Package.AI began their AWS journey by using EC2 Reserved Instances (aka RIs), in order to reduce their compute costs. However, their irregular demand rates made scaling up or down with RIs quite challenging. Their engineering team realized that  constantly managing an RI fleet manually while also delivering a solid user experience and new product features was simply not feasible. 

The main challenge Package.AI faced while managing their commitments, was the fact that they needed to react in Real-Time to their capacity changes, and doing that manually without reliable predictions rapidly became a technical and operational nightmare. 

We were looking for a no-touch solution that would manage our commitments in the most efficient way possible

Yoav Sadeh, CTO and Co-founder 

The Solution:
Automated Commitment Management

In order to move engineering resources from cost optimization to product development, Package.AI began researching a cost optimization platform which would fit their growing operational requirements.   

Package.AI came across several cost optimization solutions which delivered great insights on cloud spending, but required continuous manual actions. 

Managing commitments manually slowly became an operational burden, and overall wasn’t as effective as Zesty’s engine

Yoav Sadeh, CTO and Co-founder 

Eventually, Package.AI partnered with Zesty to tackle their automation challenges. Zesty provided Package.AI with an automated cost optimization platform, which leverages AI models to analyze its entire EC2 deployment in real-time. 

It then automatically buys and sells RIs via the RI marketplace according to real-time capacity changes. This proactive and automated approach made their decision easy. Package.AI implemented Zesty shortly after the initial demo and they were onboarded in less than 15 minutes!.

Zesty is a full-suite solution that covers everything related to cost optimization of EC2 AWS infrastructure with a user-friendly dashboard and a great customer-oriented service.

Yoav Sadeh, CTO and Co-founder 

The Result:
Maximized savings, minimized waste

Besides freeing their engineering team from manual cost optimization, Package.AI was able to achieve massive ROI since implementing Zesty:

95% increase in RI coverage: Within days of implementation, Package.AI witnessed a steady increase in the percentage of their infrastructure covered with savings and eventually reached the holy grail of over 95% RI coverage.   

42% more savings with zero engineering efforts: Using Zesty’s AI engine, Package.AI was able to leverage the most lucrative marketplace discounts available with zero manual effort.

100% utilization while supporting all scaling scenarios: Due to its fast automatic operations, Zesty was able to support all scaling scenarios with perfect utilization, eliminating the pain of over-provisioning and the operational risk of under-provisioning

After realizing Zesty’s unique success-based business model, accompanied by a buy-back guarantee, it was a no-brainer for us

Yoav Sadeh, CTO and Co-Founder