Armis achieves full automation on their commitment management and reduces EC2 costs by over 53%

Key Challenges

Armis’ cloud environment is constantly scaling. They were looking for a solution that would automatically manage their commitments in real-time and relieve them from manually forecasting.

Key Results

Armis’ engineers can check cost optimization off their task list, and on top of that, they were able to reduce their EC2 spend by 53%.

The Challenge:
Continuous manual

As a leader in the cyber-security space, Armis demonstrated unprecedented growth in its customer base and enhanced product development.

However, this expedited growth also effectuated endless challenges to the technical engineering teams managing Armis’ cloud infrastructure.

The continuous development of the Armis platform and frequent on-boarding of new customers led to constant environment changes and rising cloud costs.  

In parallel, as part of Armis’ infrastructure development, their engineers were running several architectural projects such as transitioning from single-tenant to multi-tenant and running their platform on containerized Kubernetes environments, instead of traditional VM’s.

In addition to these time-consuming projects, continuous scaling and manually monitoring and purchasing\selling Reserved Instances (RI’s) took a lot of the team’s attention.

We were manually managing our RI’s on a daily basis, which took a lot of time and effort from the team that was already busy enough with ongoing development projects

Roy Amitay, Head of DevOps

Due to these factors, the accuracy of capacity planning and forecasting exercises were diminished, which caused Armis to purchase 1-year AWS commitments rather than benefiting from the lucrative discounts that 3-year commitments offer.

On top of that, short term projects such as POC’s were rarely covered by savings, which led to a steady increase of their AWS bill on EC2 as more and more customers purchased their product.

The continuous effort of manually managing their commitments eventually became an operational burden, which drove ֿRoy Amitai to search for a solution.

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The Solution:
Automated Commitment Management

In order to relieve themselves from manually trading commitments, Armis’ TechOps and DevOps teams looked for a solution that would automatically optimize their cloud infrastructure, with minimal effort on their end.

The Result:
Significant Cost

Since implementing Zesty, approximately 1.5 years ago, Armis was able to slash their EC2 costs by more than $1 million. On top of that, due to its simplicity, Zesty relieved Armis’ engineers from manually managing commitments which enabled them to focus their time more efficiently and effectively on more strategic projects.

“With simple integration and zero effort from our side, we were able to cut down our EC2 costs by more than 53%”
Barak Ben-Rachel, Head of TechOps

Having a 24\7 automated commitment manager working on their behalf freed their engineers from manually adjusting commitments on a daily basis. As a result, they are now operating completely “hands-free”, with zero man-hours invested in continuously optimizing their cloud infrastructure.

“Zesty makes sure to maximize our savings without any intervention from our side, and thanks to that, our team can permanently check commitment management off their task list!”

Roy Amitay, Head of DevOps