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Commitment Manager

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Zesty Disk
Zesty Disk

EBS auto-scaling

Tier 1: up to 300,000 GB → $0.025/unit

Tier 2: 300,000 GB to 1M GB → $0.015/unit

Tier 3: from 1,000,000 GB  → $0.01/unit

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Frequently asked questions

Commitment Manager

Our pricing model is purely success based, so if Zesty doesn’t save you anything we don’t get paid either.
Our bill is based on a percentage of what we have saved our customers, with lower percentages available if you would like to sign a longer contract with us.

Yes, it is possible and it is in your interest to do so.
Firstly, it eases your billing processes as you will receive one unified AWS bill. Secondly, if you have an EDP, Zesty counts towards the commitment tally. Thirdly, as a private customer through the AWS marketplace, you will be able to access a discounted fee without any monthly surcharges.

The Zesty ‘savings guarantee’ ensures that every commitment that we purchase on your behalf will produce positive net savings. If the commitment cost exceeds the On-Demand cost, the difference will be refunded in the form of a credit on the following month’s bill.
Please note that any over-provisioning that occurs as a result of user action is not covered by this guarantee.

The dashboard for Commitment Manager displays the total cost of your On-demand instances, how much you are actually paying by using Zesty, and the difference, i.e. how much money you have saved. For more granular details, you can also see the costs generated by all of your EC2 instances.

Yes, access to the Zesty platform requires SSO authentication. Setup is available through Google, Microsft, Okta and OneLogin.
You do not need to commit upfront to a specific period of time when signing a contract with us, however we do require 30 days written notice of cancellation.

Typically the ramping period to maximum coverage for new customers is about four weeks from the date of activation, although this can vary by a few weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the infrastructure being covered.

Zesty Disk
Zesty Disk

There is no direct impact on the instance or application itself when using Auto Scaling Group with Zesty Disk. Using Zesty Disk (with or without ASG) will increase your IOPS performance (read and write) and avoid downtime to expand and release space.

Yes, every event that has occurred to either expand or release space on your EBS volume is recorded in the event Log. This is accessible on the dashboard with date and search functions available.

The Zesty Disk agent collects performance metrics such as disk usage, capacity, IOPS and throuput and disk metadata such as instance type, disk type, volume names etc.
A virtual disk is augmented on the EBS volume attached to the instance. The cloud provider’s block storage devices continue to be used as before, therefore all the native tools, procedures and SLA’s remain untouched and unchanged. You remain the owner of your data and the only one that has access to it.

There are a number of security mechanisms employed by Zesty Disk. Firstly, only meta-data and usage metrics are collected, Zesty doesn’t have access to any data on the disk or the EC2 instance. You remain the owner of your data and the only one that has access to it. These metrics are reported to an encrypted endpoint, which is sent unidirectionally to Zesty’s backend. Ongoing adjustments use an IAM Cross-Account role combined with an external ID that provides 2FA. The IAM role is restricted to a minimal set of API permissions that are required to perform the management operations. All of Zesty’s architecture is serverless which means there are no servers or databases involved and all data collected resides within AWS.