2020 Highlights: Accomplishments in the face of a rough year

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Looking back, 2020 was a year many of us might want to forget, but alas, life goes on, and Zesty is extremely fortunate to have some positive outcomes from this rough period.

The impact of Covid-19 on the daily operations was inevitable, but thanks to our amazing employees’ spirit and determination, we challenged ourselves to thrive during an economic and health crisis. We kicked off 2020 with a small but passionate team, a stable product, and an unlimited amount of uncertainty because we knew this would be the year that would define the company’s future.

For the Zesty team, 2020 was full of growth and innovation as we worked to continuously improve our product offering and maximize our customers’ cloud savings.

Today, on the last day before 2021, I am proud to say that we have achieved above and beyond what we thought was possible 364 days ago. During this year, we:

  1. Went from 5 employees in January 2020 to 25 employees in December 2020 – representing 500% headcount growth
  2. Secured a $6.6 Million Seed Investment led by S-Capital.
  3. Rebranded the company from Cloudvisor to Zesty.co
  4. Experienced 1400% revenue growth.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Zesty’s customers for their constant support and feedback, and for helping us fulfill our dream to create the best solution for cloud cost optimization.

Last but not least, I would like to thank each and every one of Zesty’s employees for their hard work and dedication throughout this year; we could have not done this without you. I am grateful for you being part of this adventure.

We have exciting things coming up in the 2021 product roadmap, so stay tuned!

Happy New Year,