Cloudvisor is now Zesty + $6.6 Million seed round

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We are excited to announce two major milestones for our company.

We have decided to rebrand and rename Cloudvisor to Zesty, alongside the announcement of a $6.6 million seed round, led by S Capital.

New Identity, Same Spirit

Since we founded Cloudvisor two years ago, the vision that shaped our platform and brand was to help businesses reduce their cloud costs in the most automatic and efficient way possible.

What started off as an innovative product that purchases and sells Reserved Instances in the RI Marketplace, gradually became a much more compelling story in the cloud optimization ecosystem.

Our extensive research, accompanied with the continuous feedback from our customers and industry experts, has provided us with the capabilities to tackle the biggest challenges of cloud waste, which is a major pain point for every organization running compute workloads on the public cloud.

While Cloudvisor provided full life-cycle management of commitments, Zesty is a platform that tackles several pillars of cost optimization all in one consolidated solution, with absolutely zero engineering effort.

Not Just Another “CloudSomething” Company

As our technology evolved, we realized that we have the means to revolutionize the cloud cost optimization space. The name “Cloudvisor” served us well in our early days; it was a solid name for a solid product, but it did not serve us anymore. A new name was imperative to reflect our broader vision, our unique technology, and our bold ambitions. There are many “Cloud fill-in-the-blank” companies out there. There is only one Zesty.

Are you ready to add a bit of Zesty to your cloud?

Simplified Cost Optimization

Our unique approach to reducing cloud costs and eliminating waste begins with real-time data, which allows our algorithm to fully automate cloud optimization tasks.

Other cloud management solutions provide delayed, CUR-based recommendations, which eventually have to be applied manually. In contrast, Zesty continuously and automatically optimizes cloud infrastructure, empowering a “hands-free” experience, and therefore relieving engineering teams from handling cost optimization.

Having taken on the challenge of tackling the most crucial pillars of cloud waste, we are now working on enhancing our product portfolio with additional solutions for the automatic scaling of Spot Instances (instead of on-demand) and S3 optimization. Stay tuned!

Peeps from Israel! We’re hiring for several positions in Sales and R&D.

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Have a Zestful day!