Bringing Dynamic Cloud Infrastructure to a Constantly Changing World

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In the past couple of years, we have seen the market fluctuate, our business needs shift at a moment’s notice, and cloud offerings that are constantly growing. Despite all these changes, our infra is static and unable to adapt, leading to rampant cloud inefficiency.


The cloud should’ve been a game-changer, giving us the flexibility to keep up with a world that’s constantly in flux. Application usage goes up and down. Users come and go. New features demand new resources. And new cloud offerings keep on coming.


Yet there’s one thing that’s getting in our way. While our entire world is changing endlessly, one thing is just stuck there, our infra. The very same engine that’s supposed to power our entire business. We’re forced to lock it in, way in advance, and just hope we get it right. 

But no matter what we choose, we lose. Either we under-provision, frustrating customers with lag and downtime. Or we over-provision, blowing tons of budget. No matter what, we can’t seem to get it right, but we do end up wasting tons of time and effort trying. How can it be that while everything around us is dynamic, we’re stuck with static infrastructure that holds us back? 

The Problem with Static Infrastructure in a Modern World

While we initially moved to the cloud to enable rapid business transformation, these dreams have not fully come to fruition due to restrictions inherent to static cloud infrastructure. Such limitations include discount program commitments, pre-set storage volume capacity, CPU and RAM, all of which cannot be continuously adjusted to suit changing demand. With the constant change, there is also the need to monitor and predict workloads in advance and once live, make manual adjustments that are applied far too slowly to keep up with the pace of change.


Developers write code that evolves with changes in technology and business requirements. Yet the cloud infrastructure, which is meant to support growth, scale, and rapid technological advancement remains static. This static infrastructure is too slow and restrictive to accommodate all the changes the applications go through at any given moment. The results are countless wasted engineering hours attempting to predict and manually adjust cloud infrastructure to fit application demand as well as billions of dollars thrown away each year. 

Static infrastructure simply is not working. It limits growth, puts a burden on DevOps engineers, and needlessly inflates cloud costs.

The Promise of Dynamic Cloud Infrastructure

At Zesty, we believe we don’t have to accept this status quo. We believe the cloud is meant to be flexible, scalable, and most of all, efficient. 


To break the status quo, Zesty is pioneering a better way to manage infrastructure. Dynamic Cloud Infrastructure means having infra that automatically scales cloud resources to optimally match application demand at any given time, adjusting immediately to any changes as they occur.


Dynamic Cloud Infrastructure is the best practice for any organization looking to run an efficient business that ebbs and flows with demand. It is the answer cloud-reliant businesses have been looking for, enabling full cloud flexibility and scalability without driving up costs. Finally, businesses can be agile enough to keep up with the pace of change and efficient enough to continue to scale for years to come. 


Zesty’s offering to support dynamic cloud infrastructure for compute is an algorithm that predicts EC2 usage and automatically buys and sells AWS Reserved Instances, making adjustments to meet changes in demand. For storage, our offering scales up and down storage volumes, adapting to the specific requirements of each workload, the performance required, and cost limitations. Both solutions enable organizations to dramatically reduce cloud costs, maintain perfect app performance, and minimize the stress of adjusting infrastructure. 

We’re excited to make dynamic cloud infrastructure achievable for more businesses around the world so they can continue to grow without limitations.

$75 Million to Build the Future of Cloud Infrastructure

I’m proud to say that Zesty has recently raised $75 million in Series B to bring our vision of dynamic cloud infrastructure to the devops world. This funding achievement is testament to the value that so many of our investors, customers, partners, and employees believe in our vision of Dynamic Cloud Infrastructure and its promise to accelerate business growth for millions of organizations around the world.


With this new funding round, Zesty is changing the way modern businesses achieve efficiency with their cloud infrastructure. The antidote to the technical limitations we’re facing in today’s fast-paced business environment, it is transforming resource allocation from a static to a dynamic approach. 

It’s this vision that has driven the creation of our products, Commitment Manager and Zesty Disk –– and it’s the North Star that will guide our business forward with all future products, features, and new releases. 

For more information on how Zesty’s products can make your infra more flexible and efficient than ever, contact one of our cloud experts today!