Winning Together: Zesty’s Company Kickoff 2023

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Summing up this month’s incredible Zesty Company Kickoff (CKO) is almost impossible, but I feel that this quote reflects my takeaways in the nutshell:

 “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” 

This quote by Andrew Carnegie perfectly reflects our mindset, culture, and  goals at Zesty. We believe in teamwork and its potential to bring together our collective excellence to create something truly spectacular.

Our CKO 2023 was the perfect opportunity to foster teamwork, reflect on 2022, learn from our mistakes, and strategize on how to make 2023 our most successful year yet.

We listened to a panel of our customers talk about how our product helped them reduce cloud costs, boost FinOps efforts, and minimize manual cloud management work. We heard about our product roadmap, marketing plan, and clarified our vision for 2023.

Best of all, for the first time ever, we were able to come together as a team–uniting our two offices in San Francisco and Tel Aviv–so we can get to know each other better and learn how to win together. Our Zesty Valentine’s activity was the perfect opportunity for Zesters from various sites and departments to learn fun facts about each other and make new connections.

Of course, we also made time for fun with great food throughout the event as well as an awesome party to culminate the experience. Thank you to our amazing Zesters for being such incredible team players and a special thanks to my team, HR and Employee Experience, for organizing the event as well as the marketing team for your support and creativity. I can’t wait to see how we’ll win together in 2023!

Check out the pictures below to see some highlights from the CKO:

Opening the event to a room full of 140 Zesters!

opening CKO
Photo credit: Efi Ben Or
Audience CKO
Photo credit: Efi Ben Or

Grabbing some brand new Zesty swag

swag CKO 1
Photo credit: Efi Ben Or
Swag 2 CKO
Photo credit: Efi Ben Or
Puzzle CKO
Photo credit: Efi Ben Or

Having a blast with fellow Zesters

Zesters CKO
Photo credit: Efi Ben Or
Photo credit: Efi Ben Or
Sales CKO
Photo Credit: Efi Ben Or
HR + Leadership CKO
Photo credit: Efi Ben Or

All in all, Zesty’s CKO 2023 was an event to remember. Looking forward to seeing everyone again for the CKO 2024!