FinOps Alignment

How Zesty alligns with the FinOps framework

Discover how Zesty’s products align with Capabilities in the FinOps Framework and help build a culture of cloud cost optimization within your enterprise.

How Zesty Supports the FinOps Framework

The FinOps Industry is a growing space with more domains, practices, and vendor solutions becoming available, making it increasingly difficult to identify the set of solutions that are best going to address your needs.

To help you understand where Zesty fits within this myriad of disciplines, Zesty has aligned its product offerings within designated capabilities of the FinOps Framework. These capabilities, which all relate to a domain of expertise and knowledge, represent functional areas of activity or tasks that allow practitioners to meet the demands of FinOps practices.

These are the FinOps Capabilities that Zesty supports and the respective Domains that they pertain to.

Commitment Manager

Automated discount management, it allows users to flexibly adapt their long-term commitment to changing compute needs to both get more of their servers covered and minimize the financial risk.

Zesty Disk

Automated scaling of block storage, enabling users to seamlessly adjust the volume capacity in real time to both reduce the cost of storage and support resilience in case of data peaks.

Alignment to various FinOps Personas

FinOps encompasses a diverse array of roles spanning all levels and functional areas within an organization, each playing a pivotal role in its success. It demands a shift in mindset, transitioning from a centralized cost control model to one of collective accountability throughout the entire organization. While there are numerous roles involved, we'll spotlight three specific ones that bear distinct responsibilities:

FinOps practitioner

Aspires to provide visibility into cloud spending and leads the technical optimization to improve cost-efficiency. 

To achieve this they seek to improve utilization of cloud resources and reduce cloud costs. They like to use automated monitoring and adjustment of resources to dynamically allocate spend to usage.

Cloud Engineer

Most interested in optimizing the performance, speed and scale of cloud-based applications and services. 

Keen to automate routine tasks wherever they can. Looking to cut costs, but sensitive to where this may have an impact on application performance.


Looking to enhance product or operational performance efficacy and widen feature availability but in a way that is both secure and cost-efficient.

Always interested in new solutions that will support the automation of routine cost management tasks and support engineers to keep their focus on development.

Alignment by FinOps Challenges

While everyone would like to bring down the cost of their cloud infrastructure, the practicalities of achieving this can make it a challenge. Zesty’s solution’s make the achievement of cost optimizations goals as smooth and risk free as possible.

Ensuring application

Zesty supports your application’s resilience and availability by ensuring it has sufficient resources during both peaks and troughs in activity. Totally eliminating the risk of throttling, data loss or application down-time as resources are provisioned just as they’re needed.

financial risk

Many companies miss out on cloud cost savings available through discount commitments due to the fear of vendor lock-in and the financial risk of being unable to adjust cloud infrastructure for years. Our solutions minimize the long term period.

Reduce operational

Relieve Ops teams from  monitoring, calculating, forecasting and adjusting cloud resources by having allocations automatically adjusted in line with your application’s needs