EC2 Savings on Auto-Pilot

Save up to 60% off On-Demand costs, minus the commitment and the effort.


Benefit from the full cost savings of highly discounted
Reserved Instances without any commitment

Reduce EC2 Costs
by up to 60%

Dynamically buy and sell RIs to match real-time application needs & have your workload covered by AWS’s most discounted commitments.

No More Managing Discount Programs

Automatically adjust commitments & relieve DevOps from manually reviewing and changing discount programs.

End RI Forecasting
and Predictions

The instantaneous and responsive scalability means organizations can dynamically respond to changing needs.


Avoid the financial risk of one-year or three-year commitments and further offset risk with our buy-back guarantee for any over-provisioned RIs.

How it Works

Automated Optimization
in Real-Time

Commitment Manager collects usage performance metrics from real time data sources, this enables rapid adjustments of RI commitments to changing demand.

EC2 Savings on Auto-pilot

Responsive to your application’s needs, when usage scales up, it automatically buys RIs, and when usage scales down, RI’s are sold off.

Zero Engineering Effort

A seamless and non-intrusive process that doesn’t require any agent integration on the EC2 instance, but set permissions to access AWS Cost Explorer.

But wait, there's more...

Highly Secure Connectivity

Access to AWS Cost-Explorer is only through IAM role authentication for which external ID needs to provide two-factor authentication.

Success Based Pricing Model

Only pay a percentage of the amount you save, month to month. No commitment. No setup fee.

Buy-back Guarantee

We are so confident in our technology, that we will reimburse you for any
over-provisioned RIs.

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Go From Zero to Hero in AWS Cost Optimization

How to conquer AWS cost optimization once and for all through detailed strategic initiatives.

Solution Brief


Leveraging commitments such as AWS Reserved Instances and Savings Plans is a great way to optimize cloud compute costs.


AWS Reserved
Instance Marketplace 101

RI’s Marketplace is a virtual market where AWS customers can sell their unused Reserved Instances or buy them from AWS or other third parties.

Try the freemium version of Commitment Manager and start
by getting full cost visibility over your EC2 instances.