Cut Cloud Costs by up to 60%

Save more on AWS without any engineering effort.
Zesty automatically adapts cloud resources to match real-time business needs, so you never
pay for resources you're not using and get the best discounts available on AWS.

Commitment Manager© Supports


Commitment Manager© Supports

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Leading engineering teams
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Savings on your
AWS costs

Put your EC2 savings on Autopilot and enjoy the ride

Let Commitment Manager dynamically buy and sell Reserved Instances to match your real-time business needs.

Increase RI Coverage

In just 30 days watch your Reserved Instance coverage jump up to 90%

Cut EC2 Costs by 60%

Cover more of your workload by AWS’s most discounted commitments

Free Your Engineers

Relieve engineers from manually managing discount programs

Eliminate Risk

Avoid the financial risk of
one-year or three-year commitment

No-Risk. And we mean it.

Success Based Pricing

Only pay 25% of the amount you save, month to month.

Buy-back Guarantee

We will reimburse you for any
over-provisioned RIs.

No Commitment

No setup fee.
No long-term commitment.

How it Works

Automated Optimization
in Real-Time

Commitment Manager collects usage performance metrics from real time data sources, this enables rapid adjustments of RI commitments to changing demand.

EC2 Savings on Auto-pilot

Responsive to your application’s needs, when usage scales up, it automatically buys RIs, and when usage scales down, RI’s are sold off.

No Integration needed

A seamless and non-intrusive process that doesn’t require any agent integration on the EC2 instance, but set permissions to access AWS Cost Explorer.

More than 150+ DevOps teams worldwide rely on us


In just a short call and 2 simple steps to set up an IAM role that gives read-only access to AWS Cost Explorer, you’ll be able to see the potential savings you can achieve with zero effort!