DevOps Quiz 2021 – Answers

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1) Who is known as the father of DevOps?

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Elon Musk
  3. Patrick Debois (Correct Answer)
  4. Alexey Baikov

2) Which of the following is in our history books but NOT in DevOps?

  1. Gremlin
  2. Sumo Logic
  3. Prometheus
  4. Copernicus (Correct answer)

3) What is the price for 1GB-mo of GP2 EBS Volume in the N.Virginia region of AWS?

  1. $0.1 per month (Correct Answer)
  2. $0.2 per month
  3. $0.15 per month
  4. $0.5 per month

4) Which one of the following resources is more expensive (in N.Virginia of AWS)?

  1. The first Route53 Hosted Zone per month
  2. Unattached EIP (Correct Answer)
  3. 18G EBS Volume GP2
  4. t4g.nano instance

5) Which of the following services was first announced?

  1. Route53
  2. CloudFront (Correct Answer)
  3. RDS
  4. Cognito

6) What is the alternative service for AWS EBS GP2 Volume in Azure?

  1. Ultra Disk
  2. LRS Disk
  3. Managed Disk (Correct Answer)
  4. Blob storage

7) Which of the following is not a real certification?

  1. Docker Certified Associate
  2. Certified Kubernetes Application Developer
  3. AWS Certified Database
  4. CNCF Certified Name Dropper (Correct Answer)

8) The name “Kubernetes” means:

  1. Magician
  2. A containers ship
  3. Latin for “Goddess of the sea”
  4. Greek for helmsman (Correct Answer)

9) Docker was first released on:

  1. March 2013 (Correct Answer)
  2. Feb 2010
  3. April 2005
  4. April 2015

10) In the DevOps novel “The Phoenix Project”, the solution offered to the software development problem is based on which theory:

  1. Big Bang Theory
  2. The chaos theory
  3. The strings theory
  4. The theory of constraints (Correct Answer)

Final words

Thank you for participating in Zesty’s DevOps Quiz!!! We were truly impressed with how well you know your stuff

Despite the high level of knowledge all around, there were three people who surpassed the rest with their lightning-fast reflexes and DevOps expertise.

Congratulations to our winners:

  1. Milan Stevanovic
  2. Josphin Sagarika Mallareddy
  3. Darren Harris

You rock!

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