Zesty attains Advanced Technology Partner with AWS

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Zesty is thrilled to announce our attainment of Advanced Technology Partner status with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Amazon Partner Network (APN) is an international AWS partner program that’s designed to help partner companies develop thriving AWS-based solutions through ongoing technological and marketing support. This achievement in our partnership with AWS reaffirms that we’ve built a strong AWS-based business, and it showcases proof of expertise.

Crucially, our partnership with AWS allows Zesty to benefit from AWS’s extensive resources and network, allowing us to receive valuable feedback from customers and further refine and expand our solution’s cloud management capabilities. As a result, Zesty’s customers will enjoy a more robust product that better serves their needs.

Zesty is a trusted leader in cloud cost optimization, enabling enterprises to automatically achieve and continuously maintain cost optimization best practices according to the “AWS well-architected framework; cost optimization pillar”. This enables companies to achieve desired business outcomes while minimizing costs.

From day one, Zesty has sought to emulate the AWS ethos of customer obsession, agility, and unrelenting innovation. Early on in Zesty’s journey, we decided to join the AWS Builder Space, a Tel Aviv-based startup program that helped us learn more about the AWS culture, validate technological stacks, and implement AWS best practices. Given that AWS provides the greatest variety of advanced cloud services, we decided it would benefit our customers to build our entire product using AWS native solutions.

To become an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Zesty had to successfully meet AWS’s stringent acceptance criteria. From a technology standpoint, we demonstrated the depth of our domain expertise and the robustness of our technology. From a business standpoint, we demonstrated that we have an abundance of early adopters that are satisfied with our solution, including many global companies that are market leaders in their industries.

We are in the process of developing additional features that will increase the value of our solution and simplify our integration by listing our solution on the AWS Marketplace.

Zesty looks forward to deepening our synergistic partnership with AWS via the Amazon Partner Network. Together, we will enable AWS and Cloudvisor customers to maximize the ROI they derive from their cloud infrastructure.