10 recent AWS updates you need to know about

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As AWS continues to refine its extensive suite of cloud computing services, finding out the most significant updates might feel at times like finding a needle in a haystack. This article provides a concise look at the notable AWS updates that have been rolled-out in the past month.

Meta Llama 3 in Amazon Bedrock

AWS has introduced Meta Llama 3 models within Amazon Bedrock, representing a significant leap forward in generative AI applications. The Llama 3 8B and Llama 3 70B models excel in reasoning, code generation, and instruction, catering to various computational needs. The 8B model is optimized for environments with limited computational power, while the 70B model excels in content creation, conversational AI, and understanding complex language structures. Available in US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon) AWS Regions, these models promise to revolutionize AI application development. 

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Restoring Applications with Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink

Recovery from failures is now simpler with the Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink’s new ability to restore applications. This feature ensures data integrity and reduces downtime, bolstering the resilience of applications running on this service. 

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Enhanced Monitoring with Amazon ECS CloudWatch Alarms

AWS has expanded its monitoring capabilities to GovCloud US regions by introducing support for CloudWatch Alarms in Amazon ECS. This expansion offers improved visibility and control over deployments, ensuring high standards of deployment monitoring and management, even in regulated environments. 

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Querying Knowledge Bases in Amazon Bedrock

Amazon Bedrock now allows users to query knowledge bases, simplifying access to vital information from a single document. This enhancement streamlines the decision-making process for developers and data scientists by enhancing efficiency and accessibility. 

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AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery Supports Outposts Racks

AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery now supports Outposts racks, providing solutions for protecting applications and data in on-premises environments. This update bridges the gap between cloud and on-premises data protection, ensuring continuity and resilience across all deployment scenarios. 

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Apache Livy on Amazon EMR on EKS

Support for Apache Livy on Amazon EKS simplifies running interactive Spark and Hive queries on EMR clusters. This enhancement fosters innovation and efficiency by making it easier for data scientists and developers to interact with big data applications. 

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Split Cost Allocation for Amazon EKS

AWS introduces Split Cost Allocation for Amazon EKS, enabling more accurate and efficient cost allocation. This feature offers clear insights into resource usage and costs, facilitating better financial management and accountability within organizations. 

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Accessibility Conformance Reports in AWS Artifact

Demonstrating its commitment to accessibility, AWS now offers Accessibility Conformance Reports in AWS Artifact. These reports help customers assess the accessibility of AWS services, ensuring compliance and inclusivity across digital assets. 

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Enhanced Change Visibility with AWS CloudFormation ChangeSets

AWS CloudFormation now offers ChangeSets, providing enhanced change visibility for deployments. Users can now view and manage changes before deployment, enhancing control and reducing the risk of unintended consequences. 

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Foundation Models Availability in AWS with Meta Llama 3

In addition to the specific Meta Llama 3 integration in Amazon Bedrock, AWS emphasizes the broader availability of Meta Llama 3 Foundation Models. These models support a wide range of AI-driven applications, offering scalable solutions for businesses looking to leverage AI’s power. 

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