Cloud Cost Optimization Journey | Expert Stage Adaptor

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At Zesty, we meet customers in various stages of their cloud cost optimization journey.

We have segmented these customers to early-stage, intermediate, and expert.

In a previous blog, we presented the Intermediate customer, and in this blog, we will present the Expert customer.

Customer #3 – Cloud Cost Optimization Journey | Expert Stage Adaptor

These customers are highly sophisticated organizations.

They Utilize a mix of savings plans and reserved instances with long and short-term periods to achieve maximum flexibility and drive higher discounts where possible. Some of these organizations also have an EDP (AWS Enterprise discount program) which drives even higher savings.

These customers cover most of their infrastructure with savings, leaving a small On-demand gap (between 10%-40%) in order to prevent over-provisioning.

In this example the Zesty customer covered 75% of their infrastructure with a mix of 1 to 3 years reserved instances, all expiring at different dates. This customer invested hours of engineering, to continuously monitor their environment and continuously manage the purchasing and selling of reserved instances and savings plans to maintain their desired coverage of savings. Not to mention the effort put into the capacity planning in order to forecast compute needs to cover the infrastructure.

From the moment Zesty was added to the account, the infrastructure covered with savings increased from 75% to 95% without the risk of over-provisioning.

CM diagram before and after

Reliably forecasting compute usage 1-3 years in advance (risk-free) is impossible. Cloud environments are naturally dynamic, and most organizations experience frequent capacity changes.

By leveraging real-time data, Zesty continuously monitors EC2 usage and continuously optimizes cloud infrastructure, so you won’t have to. With Zesty, you can achieve up to 55% discount on your EC2, risk-free, with ZERO engineering effort, guaranteed.

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