Go From Zero to Hero in AWS Cost Optimization

A Free All-Inclusive Guide

Learn how to conquer AWS cost optimization once and for all through detailed strategic initiatives as well as helpful tools, tactics, and mapping strategies that will help you get more bang for your buck.

What You’ll Learn

The major drivers of cloud spend

From lack of visibility, to the use of inefficient pricing models, to unused resources, and beyond-find out what expensive mistakes to hone in on as you begin your cloud cost optimization journey.

Using AWS services for cost efficiency

AWS offers a variety of visibility tools, solutions & pricing plans, that can help you map your usage, reduce costs, and ease the cost optimization burden for your team.

Use automation tools for optimizing cloud costs

Humans can’t always be on top of everything, especially when there is so much to keep track of in the cloud. Learn how automation technology is increasing optimization and efficiency efforts with no human effort.

How to Use the Cost Optimization Handbook

Start building a governance framework

With so many teams spinning up new instances, resources, and services in the cloud, it can easily become the wild west. Learn the latest governance and FinOps best practices to allocate cloud financial responsibility to your team.

Understand AWS pricing models

AWS offers a variety of pricing models to help customers get more bang for their buck. Learn the pros and cons of each so your team can decide which combinations are best for your organization.

Get a Deep Dive Into Cost Saving Solutions

Understand the ins and outs of various easy-to-use technologies and AWS’s native visibility tools to improve your cloud cost optimization strategy.

Go From Zero to Hero in AWS Cost Optimization

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