Cloud cost optimization
that drives up your
gross margin

Cloud cost
optimization that
drives up your
gross margin

Why more than 300 companies love us

Zesty enables a new approach that automatically adapts cloud infrastructure to business needs. With offerings for compute and storage, Zesty optimally matches what your organization needs at any given time, and adjusts immediately to any change.

Cut Costs by 60%

Keep cloud costs to a minimum without affecting application performance or security.

Free Your Engineers

Let your engineers focus on great product delivery instead of managing cloud budget.

Reduce Financial Risk

Eliminate the financial
risk of over-provisioning resources that don’t get used.

Success Based Pricing

Pay only 25% of the
amount you save
month to month.

Automated cost savings for your cloud infra



Get more value out of your AWS discount commitments by utilizing 3-year Reserved Instances, AWS’s most highly discounted instrument, but without the long-term commitment.



Get more value out of your block storage by only paying for the volume size that you use without worrying about insufficient space during usage peaks.

And we mean it.

Buy-back Guarantee

Get reimbursed for any over-provisioned Reserved instances that didn’t get used.

Plug & Play

Easy integration, 5-minute onboarding, No code changes required.

Secure & Compliant

Highly secure, requiring read-only access. 

SOC 2 & GDPR compliant.

We'll let the numbers tell the story

0 %
Reduction to total AWS EC2 spend by minimizing instances running On-Demand
0 %
Cut the cost of block
storage by only paying for
the capacity that you
need and use
DevOps or engineering
hours needed for
onboarding or integration
Companies who put their
trust in Zesty to reduce
their cloud costs

…It’s up to the technology team to find ways of pushing down cost. Zesty helped us improve our gross margin by double digits.

David Ting

Former SVP of Engineering at Nylas

Your engineers & Devop teams are going to love you!

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