Maximize your EC2 Savings 
With the Perfect Blend of AWS Discount Plans

Automatically optimize your EC2 savings and dramatically reduce costs with a blend of AWS discount plans that minimizes financial risk and requires no manual effort.

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Minimum Risk, Maximum Savings.

Decrease compute cost

Zesty can cover the workloads that you struggle to cover on your own with a smart blend of discount programs. By using a tailored combination of Savings Plans and Reserved Instances, you get even deeper discount across more of your workloads!

Minimize Financial Risk

Never worry about over or under provisioning discount allocations again. Zesty dynamically scales your discount plan coverage in real-time, matching your exact workload demands.
Ensure consistent cost savings with none of the commitment.

Streamline CloudOps

Say goodbye to manual AWS discount plan management and free up your DevOps, Infrastructure and FinOps teams to do more important tasks. With continuous optimization, you can maximize your AWS savings effortlessly.

Commitment Manager automatically adjusts allocations to best meet your needs


Commitment Manager  uses a blend of SPs & 1-year SRIs for the relatively steady worloads, combined with 3-year CRIs for volatile workloads.


Leveraging SRIs to get high discounts and flexibility, Commitment Manager complements this with a blend of CRIs and SPs for the more dynamic portions.

Periodic or Volatile

Commitment Manager uses a majority of CRIs for their greater flexibility. Combined with SPs and SRIs to access deeper savings.

Simple, Fast & Secure Onboarding

Success-Based Pricing Model

Pay a percentage  of your savings. No commitment, month by month.


Don’t save – don’t pay! Be reimbursed for any net loss from over-provisioned Discount Plans.

No Agent

Get going in minutes! Involves a seamless and non-intrusive set-up.

Highly Secure

SOC 2 compliant. No exposure to data. Limited IAM role access permissions with zero risk to cloud infrastructure.


1. Provide IAM Role Access

Experience a seamless installation process with our solution. In just 5 minutes, you can get up and running. Simply set limited IAM role permissions to adjust Discount allocations.


2. Reveal hidden savings

Discover your potential savings awaiting you with Zesty's Savings Analysis. Gain valuable insight into cost optimization opportunities and identify areas where you can further reduce cloud expenses.


3. ML analyzes usage patterns

Activate Zesty's ML-based algorithm and unlock the power of consistent savings. By analyzing meta data and usage histories, discount plans are accurately allocated to your workloads.


4. Reserved Instance Optimization

A strategic blend of Savings Plans and Reserved Instances are bought and automatically adjusted based on real time changes to your app.

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More Features

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Projected cost and usage
forecast analysis

Dedicated customer
success manager

24/7 technical support
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Join 1000+  of DevOps, FinOps and Infrastructure teams that have already unlocked the power of ML to boost their cloud savings.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Zesty can further reduce AWS costs if you’re already using discount commitments. It can be used to reduce the number of instances running On-Demand, cover the remaining delta of instances that are not on discounts, save on expiring commitments, and more. See your savings potential in minutes with a POC onboarding.

You do not need to commit upfront to a specific period of time when signing a contract with Zesty for Commitment Manager, however we do require 30 days written notice prior to cancellation.

Yes, your discount allocations will be scaled in real time, thanks to a sophisticated blend of flexible Discount Plans and Convertibles Reserved Instances.

There is no agent installation required to deploy CM, this entails that CM is not exposed to any data on the instance at all. Only usage metrics are collected and any remediated actions are taken using limited IAM role access permissions.

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