Scared of Commitment?

This no longer means you can’t enjoy the great savings that AWS Reserved Instances have to offer.

With Zesty’s Commitment Manager, you can still enjoy significant savings from AWS Reserved Instances, with no need to commit.

Commitment Manager© Supports

Commitment Manager© Supports

Put your EC2 savings on Autopilot and enjoy the ride

Let Commitment Manager dynamically buy and sell Reserved Instances to match your real-time business needs.

Increase RI Coverage

In just 30 days watch your Reserved Instance coverage jump up to 90%

Cut EC2 Costs by 60%

Cover more of your workload by AWS’s most discounted commitments

Free DevOps Teams

Relieve DevOps engineers from manually managing discount programs.

Eliminate Risk

Avoid the financial risk of
one-year or three-year commitment.

No-Risk. And we mean it.

Success Based Pricing

Only pay 25% of the amount you save, month to month.

Buy-back Guarantee

We will reimburse you for any
over-provisioned RIs.

No Commitment

No setup fee.
No long-term commitment.

More than 150+ DevOps teams worldwide rely on us

Have Your Cake
& Eat it Too

Leverage all the savings of 3-year Reserved Instances without any of the commitment.

Our cloud experts are ready to show you your potential savings with Commitment Manager.