Get the full flexibility of On-Demand
with the cost savings of Reserved Instances.
Unlock up to 60% savings off EC2 by automatically allocating
discount plans to changing workload demands.

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Stop Paying a Premium for On-Demand Instances

Get the freedom of On-Demand Instances with the pricing discounts of AWS Reserved Instances (RIs).

Combine Savings Plans with Zesty to maximize savings

Already using Saving Plans (SP) in for steady state workloads? Zesty can cover your remaining workloads with Reserved Instances to get an even deeper discount!

Optimize Savings for Diversified Workloads

Not all environments are created equal. But we believe in maximizing savings for all. Commitment Manager enables you to:

Apply Zesty as Commitments Expire

Automatically cover expiring discount commitments with Zesty to leverage greater savings without the long-term commitment.

Effortlessly Handle Any Workload

Steady-State Workloads

Spikey Workloads

Risk free and we mean It

Success Based Pricing

Only pay 25% of the amount you save, month to month. No commitment. No setup fee.

Simple Integration

Non-intrusive process that doesn’t require any agent integration–only set permissions to access AWS Cost Explorer.

Buy-back Guarantee

We are so confident in our technology, that we will reimburse you for any over-provisioned RIs.

Take a Glimpse “Under the Hood”

Don’t take our word for it

How SingleStore Uses Zesty
With Their Savings Plans to Save 56%

How Kaltura Achieved 97% RI Coverage

Zesty enabled us to cover the last 10% of our workloads that we weren’t able to cover with AWS Savings Plans. The way Zesty works on top of your existing discount commitments makes it a very compelling product that provides great flexibility, reduces financial risk, and helps mitigate vendor lock-in

Shireesh Thota

Senior VP of Engineering

Are you ready to Blast through
your AWS Savings Ceiling?

Frequently Asked Questions

Commitment Manager does not require an agent or touch your instances. Zesty only requires an IAM role to be set up and linked to the Zesty dashboard as well as registration to the RI Marketplace.

Typically we save our customers up to 60% on their EC2 spend. Please note that this number depends a great deal on a wide range of factors including OS, region, instance types being used and existing commitments.

To gain a better insight into the savings that could be generated for your business, we can do a POC onboarding for you with nothing more than a read-only IAM role and a few minutes of your time.

Zesty’s Collector doesn’t touch your instances or has access to any app data. We only require the user to set minimal IAM role permissions to Cost Explorer so that our algorithms can collect and analyze usage metrics and instance metadata. The collector is never exposed to any data on the instance. Zesty is SOC 2 Type II and GDPR compliant. This means our customers can expect a high level of data security that is in line with today’s stringent standards for data regulation.

With Zesty, you do not need to commit upfront to a specific period of time when signing a contract with us. However, we do require 30 days written notice in order to cancel our service.

The Zesty ‘buy-back guarantee’ ensures that any overprovisioning of Reserved Instances purchased on your behalf by Zesty is refunded in the form of a credit on the following month’s bill.

For example, an RI for M5 US East (N. Virginia) was bought for 720 hours, but the actual usage was only for 715 hours, meaning that the RI was over-provisioned for 5 hours. The cost of this 5 hour window would then be credited on the next month’s bill under ‘eligible refunds’ per our Terms & Conditions.

Please note that any over-provisioning which occurs as a result of user action outside of our Terms and Conditions is not covered by this guarantee.

Our pricing model is purely success based, so if Zesty doesn’t save you anything we don’t get paid.

Our bill is based on a percentage of what we have saved our customers, with lower percentages available if you would like to sign a longer contract with us.