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Zesty Disk

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Reduce Costs

Save on EBS costs by only provisioning the amount of storage that you need 

Ensure Availability &

No more “out of disk” failure when data ingestion exceeds the available volume capacity.

Manual Effort

Relieve engineers from having to manually extend disk space especially when on call.


Scale storage in line with fluctuating application usage, so you only provision the amount of storage that’s needed.
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Maximum reduction
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Immediate Savings from Day 1

Across the industry, large data applications tend to only use roughly 30% of available storage capacity. Storage tends to be way over-provisioned just in case of data peaks and the risk of running into insufficient space.  On installation, Zesty immediately brings down the provisioned allocation to the used amount, delivering enormous savings, and then continues to increase volumes as data ingestion incrementally grows over time.

Data Management

Workloads like databases, data streaming, ETLs, or ML pipelines that all have high data ingestion requirements can overwhelm storage capacity. But expanding volumes is almost impossible when working with thousands of single servers. With Zesty Disk, you can auto-extend block storage volumes to seamlessly accommodate spikes in demand.

Resource Provisioning

Provisioning storage is guesswork. With so many changing variables, it can be difficult to know in advance how much storage your application will require. Zesty Disk totally mitigates this risk by scaling storage size according to real-time data demand. So there is always just enough capacity, whenever it’s needed.

For a deeper

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Simple & Secure

Retain full control over your data

No exposure to PII as neither data on the instance or in storage is used to inform the ML model. Only metadata and usage metrics are collected and sent directly to the ML model for analysis

Limited to IAM Role

When action needs to be taken, the command is sent using the limited IAM role on the instance

Minimal engineering effort

No code changes are required and causes zero downtime when either adding or removing volumes.


Zesty Disk is SOC2 and GDPR Compliant and available on the AWS marketplace.

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