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Why Zesty

Zesty transforms cloud management by unlocking unprecedented cost savings for businesses of all sizes. Using its cutting-edge proprietary ML algorithm, Zesty automatically scales cloud resources according to changing application demands to achieve peak efficiency and scalability with minimal manual intervention.

Established in 2019 with a global footprint across San Francisco, Tel Aviv, and Kyiv, Zesty supports thousands of organizations in harnessing the full potential of their cloud infrastructure effortlessly and affordably. 

Why meet with us

AWS Savings

Automatically optimize cloud resource allocation to achieve better cost efficiency and optimal savings.

Reduce Manual

Leverage ML-based automation to free your Ops teams from manual, repetitive cost optimization tasks.

Financial Risk

No longer juggle the financial risk of procuring resources that don’t get used or having insufficient resource capacity to support your applications.

“It’s completely hands-free and we save 40% each month on our On-Demand costs. Now we are able to focus our time on our clients and not deal with cloud optimization”

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