Zesty Disk

Block storage auto-scaler

Shrink and expand storage in run time to boost performance and reduce cost by up to 70%



Dynamize Your Block Storage
to boost performance and reduce costs


Automatic Provisioning of Volumes

Shrink and expand block volumes in line with dynamic and fluctuating application needs, without any human input.

Boost IOPS Performance by 300%

The storage optimizer improves IOPS and throughput performance by as much as 300%, providing direct value to the user experience.


Dramatically Reduce Block Storage Costs

Save up to 70% on block storage costs by eliminating the need to provision excess capacity & having the ability to shrink volumes.


Prevent Filesystem

No longer worry about “out of disk” failures
when data ingestion exceeds
the available volume capacity.

How it Works


Cloud Storage

Zesty Disk automatically adjusts your storage capacity to match real-time application needs, achieving the most optimal utilization possible.

Groundbreaking Shrink & Expand Technology

By transforming large filesystem volumes into a virtual disk with a series of multiple volumes, the filesystem can be shrunk and extended automatically.


Improved IOPS & Throughput Performance

Get an IOPS and throughput performance boost by leveraging multiple smaller-sized storage volumes that each have their own burst capacity.

No Data Exposure & Highly Secure Connectivity

Zesty Disk is never exposed to data in storage, only meta-data and usage metrics are collected. When action is taken a command is sent to a dedicated IAM role on the instance.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes–Zesty Disk uses intelligent automation to dynamically extend block storage to meet real-time app demand. This ensures storage is always optimized while freeing DevOps teams from managing infra. Customers can choose to limit the maximum file system size by creating custom policies in the dashboard and attaching them to their instances.

There is no downtime required when using Zesty Disk to shrink or extend an EBS volume. Instead, Zesty Disk uses a file system technology that can detect and detach excess volumes according to real-time needs. This process happens automatically and doesn’t require human intervention.

While the process of expanding and shrinking the filesystem does consume some resources, there is no direct impact on the instance or the app itself. On the contrary, using Zesty Disk (with or without an auto scaling group) often provides a performance boost with an increase in IOPS (read and write) and throughput.

The usage and metadata metrics that are collected and processed by Zesty’s AI model, generates a behavioral profile on the instance volume. It uses this profile to predict the usage patterns and fluctuations of the disk to ensure that it is perfectly sized in any scenario. Before any change is made a buffer is set that extends the disk by 10-15% of the current volume.

Zesty Disk is not exposed to any data on the disk or in the instance. Nor does it ask for permission to read this data. The system simply collects usage metrics which the AI model analyzes to inform usage predictions.

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