Zesty & AWS

Automated cost optimization built for AWS

Maximize your investment in AWS with Zesty, a cloud cost optimization platform that ensures maximum savings, minimum waste in an automated, hands-free approach. 

Zesty is an AWS advanced technology partner. Zesty customers running on AWS benefit from optimized costs for EC2, EBS, and S3.

Combine the flexibility of AWS with the cost optimization AI by Zesty to deliver unparalleled cloud cost efficiency.

One platform to tackle Cloud Waste

Commitment Manager

Use Zesty to optimize your investment in AWS. Automatically purchase and sell reserved instances and savings plans with a buy-back guarantee to ensure the highest possible savings with zero risk.

EBS Auto-scaler

Automatic size scaling and type adjustment based on utilization and performance of your EBS. Reduce your EBS spend up to 90% and prevent EBS failures.

Resource Cleaner

Automatic identification and disposal of orphaned
cloud resources.
Eliminate waste. Reduce costs.

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Finance vs. DevOps

“The ability to get automated three years Saving Plans coverage without the commitment is huge, especially when you got an unpredictable workload spread between different regions and different instance families. It basically cuts your EC2 spendings by 40%. They also offer a 100% refund for unused commitments. There’s also a very promising Zesty Disk…”