Holistic Cloud
Optimization Platform

Automated cost-reduction.
Designed for simplicity, built for scale.

Our Secret Sauce: Real-time data

(Shh…. Just don’t tell anyone)

  • CloudTrail, CloudWatch
  • Real time
  • Money saved
  • None
  • Data Source
  • Data Availability
  • Results
  • Resources needed
  • CUR Cost and Usage Report
  • 2-3 days delay
  • Recommendations given
  • 10-30 monthly hours

One platform to rule them all

Zesty provides several layers of Cloud Optimization in one consolidated solution.

Commitment Manager

Automatic management of Reserved Instances & Savings Plans

Zesty Disk

Automatic right-sizing of
EBS Volumes

Resource Cleaner

Automatic decommission of unused cloud resources

Spot Instances

Scale confidently during peaks with discounted Spot Instances

Let’s get started,
shall we?

Save over 45%
on your Cloud bill

“With simple integration and
Zero effort, we were able to
cut down our EC2
costs by 40%”

Continuous automatic optimization

“We were amazed by the
automatic nature of the platform,
that adapts itself on the fly to any
type of capacity changes”

Simplified visibility
into cloud costs

“The dashboard is intuitive and
provides real-time visibility into our
AWS bill, it was super easy to
integrate into our environment.”

Free valuable engineering resources

“Zesty provides us the peace we
need, we’re saving money with 0
man-hours invested in the platform”

Zestful Customer Success Story

We chose Zesty because of the automatic nature, the ease of use, and the team that was very attentive to our needs

Roi Amitay, Head of DevOps

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