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The Latest in DevOps Automation

Aviram Levy

Head of Product
Enablement at Zesty

Oren Tahar

Business Development Manager – Storage Services at AWS
From monitoring, testing, and researching, many developers struggle to find time to actually develop. Join us in this webinar to discover the manual tasks that are being automated to free developers up to do the work they actually enjoy doing.
Levy will address how auto-scaling solutions make it possible to shrink and expand disk volumes according to real-time application needs, so engineers never need to over-provision volumes or manually adjust storage capacity. While Tahar will present the automated AWS solutions that top players are using to optimize their storage workflow in 2022.

This 45-min session will cover:

How organizations are using third parties to safely support their automated processes

Areas of developer workflows that are benefiting the most from automated solution
How automation comes into block storage to save both time and
The storage automated solutions that top players are using in 2022

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