AWS Cloud Cost Optimization Tool

Achieve maximum savings and eliminate waste with
Zesty’s automated AWS cloud cost optimization tool.

How is Zesty different?

Starting with a unique name…


Real-Time Data
Second by second
No delay
No surprises


‘Hands Free’
No recommendations
Continuous Optimization


Success based
Percentage of savings
No risk


5 minutes.
Don’t believe it?
Challenge us!

Commitment Manager

Automatic, risk-free management of Reserved Instances & Savings Plans

Resource Cleaner

Automatic decommission of unused cloud resources

Zesty Disk

Automatic right-sizing of
EBS Volumes

Spot Instances

Scale confidently during peaks with discounted Spot Instances

Squeeze every drop of cloud usage

With cutting edge technology, Zesty reduces your cloud bill in real-time

Hear it from our customers


Zesty makes sure to maximize our savings without
any effort from our side, we have saved more than 40%

Roy Amitay, Head of DevOps

I understood the platform’s value once I saw us
saving more than $50K a month without doing anything

Liran Ben Abu, Head of DevOps

The impact of Zesty on our AWS bill was immediate!

Nadav Skirsky, Corporate IT Team Lead

A fresh and innovative way to handle Cloud waste

Artiom Levinton, Head of DevOps

Our Numbers 

less on your
EC2 spend

utilization of

less on your
EBS spend

waste idle /
unused resources

of engineering
hours saved

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